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Research Unit


The "Soil-Plant Atmosphere Interactions" (ISPA) Joint Research Unit is interested in understanding and modelling the flows and cycles of materials (C, N, P, K, water, particles, contaminants) and energy in human, agricultural and forest ecosystems. Our work aims to assess the sustainability of agro-ecosystems and forest ecosystems in a changing environment under climatic and anthropogenic constraints in order to ensure sustainable crop production in quantity and quality, and to preserve the environment.

The UMR ISPA is a joint research unit of INRA and Bordeaux Sciences Agro.The unit is located at the INRA Bordeaux-Aquitaine research centre.

It is under the supervision of the Environment and Agronomy (EA) department and the Ecology of Forests, Meadows and Aquatic Environments (EFPA) department. 

The unit is a partner of Labex COTE and EquipEX XYLOFOREST (Forest, Wood, Fibre and Biomass Research and Innovation Platform).

The Unit is a host team of the "Science and Environment" doctoral school at the University of Bordeaux

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15 January 2024


UMR ISPA is located on the La Ferrade site in Villenave d'Ornon (Building C1) and on the INRA site in Pierroton (Building Les Pyramides). The unit is associated with Bordeaux Sciences Agro in Gradignan.

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