Multi-scale studies of ecosystem functioning

The EcoFun team brings together expertise in functional ecology, ecophysiology, isotope geochemistry, remote sensing, biometeorology and ecohydrology. Our research aims to better understand the physiological responses and short and long term adaptation of terrestrial ecosystems to environmental changes, management practices and extreme climatic events. We are particularly interested in understanding how climate change will affect forest productivity, and more generally, water, CO2 and energy budgets at the Earth's surface.

For more information, see the team's website :  Ecosystem Functioning across scales

Team coordinator : Jérôme Ogée

Accounts managers : Patricia Braconnier et Valérie Savornin (ERC)

ChercheursIngénieursDoctorants et CDD
Yves Brunet (DR)Alexandre Bosc (IR)Klara Bouwen (Doc)
Marie Charru (MC)Nicolas Devert (AI)Xiaojun Li (postDoc)
Jean-Christophe Domec (PR)Christophe Moisy (IE)Xiangzhuo Liu (Doc)
Frédéric Frappart (DR)Sabrina Dubois (AI)Yuqing Liu (Doc)
Jérôme Ogée (Animateur, DR)Rémi Lemaire-Patin (IR)Karen Marcellin (Doc)
Marc Peaucelle (CR) Myriam Moreno (postDoc)
Jean-Pierre Wigneron (DR) Cassandra Normandin (postDoc)
Lisa Wingate (DR) Nerea Ubierna-Lopez (postDoc)
  Huan Wang (Doc)
  Nan Wang (Doc)
  Zanpin Xing (Doc)
  Bertrand Ygorra (postDoc)
  Paul Arette-Hourquet (CDD IE)
  Yangyang Dong (CDD AI)


Some recent publications

  1. On deforestation monitoring by remote sensing

Qin Yuanwei, Xiao Xiangming, Wigneron J.-P., Ciais Ph., Brandt M. et al. (2021) Carbon loss from forest degradation exceeds that from deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. Nature Climate Change, 11 (5), pp. 442-448.

Ygorra B., Frappart F., Wigneron J.-P., Moisy Ch., Catry Th. et al. (2021) Monitoring loss of tropical forest cover from Sentinel-1 time-series: A CuSum-based approach. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 103, pp. 1-19,

  1. On the vulnerability and decline of forests to summer drought

Domec J.-C.; King J.S., Carmichael M., Treado Overby A., Wortermann R., Smith W.K., Mia Guofang., Noormets A., Johnson, D. (2021) Aquaporins, and not changes in root structure, provide new insights into physiological responses to drought, flooding, and salinity. Journal of Experimental Botany, 72, 4489–4501,

Liyang Liu, Xiuzhi Chen, Philippe Ciais, Wenping Yuan, Fabienne Maignan et al. (2021) Tropical tall forests are more sensitive and vulnerable to drought than short forests. Global Change Biology,

McCulloh K., Domec JC, Johnson D.M., Smith D.D., Meinzer F.C. (2019) A dynamic yet vulnerable pipeline: Integration and coordination of hydraulic traits across whole plants. Plant, Cell & Environment, 42, 2789-2807,

Mrad A., Johnson D., Love D., Domec J.-C. (2021) The roles of conduit redundancy and connectivity in xylem hydraulic functions. New Phytologist, 231, 996-1007,

Preisler Y., Tatarinov F., Grünzweig J.M., Bert D., Ogée J., Wingate L., Rotenberg E., Rohatyn S., Her N., Klein T., Yakir D. (2019) Mortality versus survival in a drought-affected Aleppo pine forest depends on the extent of rock cover and soil stoniness. Functional Ecology, 33, 901-912.

  1. On the impact of forests on the water cycle

Aguilos M., Sun G., Noormets A., Domec J.-C., McNulty S., Minick K., Mitra B., Prajapati P., Gavazzi M., King J.S. (2021) Effects of land use change and drought on decadal water balance and evapotranspiration of natural and managed forested wetlands along the southeastern US lower coastal plain. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 303, 108381,

Barbeta A., Burlett, R., Martin-Gomez, P., Frejaville, B., Devert, N., Wingate, L., Domec, J-C, Ogée, J. (2021) Evidence for distinct isotopic composition of sap and tissue water in tree stems: consequences for plant water source identification. New Phytologist,

Boggs J. L., Sun G., Domec J-C., and McNulty S.G. (2021) Variability of tree transpiration across in a southeastern U.S. Piedmont watershed. Hydrological Processes, 35(10), 932, e14389,

Poyatos, R., (…), Domec, J.-C., Wingate L., et al. (2021) Global transpiration data from sap flow measurements: the SAPFLUXNET database. Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 2607–2649,

Gennaretti F., Ogée J., Sainte-Marie J. & Cuntz M. (2020) Mining ecophysiological responses of European beech ecosystems to drought. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 280, 107780.

  1. On the productivity of global forests

Hui Yang, Philippe Ciais, Yilong Wang, Yuanyuan Huang, Wigneron J.-P. et al. (2021) Variations of carbon allocation and turnover time across tropical forests. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 30 (6), pp. 1271-1285,

Lei Fan, Wigneron J.-P., Philippe Ciais, Jérôme Chave, Martin Brandt et al. (2019) Satellite-observed pantropical carbon dynamics. Nature Plants, 5 (9), pp. 944-951,

  1. On energy and matter exchanges between plant canopies and the atmosphere

Brunet Y. (2021) Turbulent flow in plant canopies: historical perspective and overview. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, pp.1-46.

De Frenne P, Lenoir J, Luoto M, Scheffers BR, Zellweger F, … Ogée J. et al. (2021) Forest microclimates and climate change: Importance, drivers and future research agenda. Global Change Biology, 27, 2279-2297,

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