The lecturers and researchers of the UMR ISPA are involved in teaching at the Bordeaux Sciences Agro engineering school and at the University of Bordeaux

Teaching at Bordeaux Sciences Agro     

UMR researchers and teacher-researchers are involved at all stages of engineering training. At the beginning of the Common Core, they provide and coordinate a basic education consisting of the following disciplines:


Ecophysiology, Ecology, Biogeochemical Cycles. Then Plant Stand Management and Cropping System Management are also their responsibility. In the professionalization phase, they manage entire semesters dedicated to Forestry, Agro-ecology and resource production.

Master's degree courses at the University of Bordeaux

Master STEE Specialization Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry

The Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry specialization of the Master's degree in Science, Technology and Health, with a specialization in STEE, aims to train students in ecotoxicology and in the assessment of the environmental and health risks of chemical substances. UMR researchers are involved in the Master 1 and Master 2 courses and are responsible for the "Ecotoxicology of Terrestrial Environments" (M1) and "Terrestrial Ecotoxicology, Soil Management and Remediation" (M2) teaching units.
The researchers of the BIOGET team participate in the Master 1 and Master 2 courses

Master STEE Specialization Biodiversity and continental ecosystems

The specialty Biodiversity and Continental Ecosystems offers a multifaceted training in ecology and biology of terrestrial (forest and agricultural) and aquatic continental ecosystems. UMR researchers and teacher-researchers participate in the teaching

Master's degree in Biology AgroSciences Specialization "Plants of health value and biomolecules of interest"

This Master's degree trains future scientists capable of knowing all the stages of production and transformation of plants of health interest ("from seedling to capsule"). The UMR's CEs intervene on the specificities of certain production methods (e. g. organic vs. conventional), and on the cultivation methods of this type of plant whose yield is not always the purpose of production. (12 h)

Other participation in teaching

Research teachers and researchers participate more punctually in the teaching of ENSEGID engineering schools,..., universities....




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