YSYS PhYSique at the EcoSystems interface

Key words
Root anchoring; Biotic particle dispersion; Soil-plant-atmosphere exchange; Wind-plant interaction; Large Eddy Simulation; Fluid mechanics; Ozone; Landscape; REA

The Physics at the EcoSystems Interface (YSYS) team tackles environmental issues in a specific niche involving atmospheric flow, soil and plant mechanics, and soil-plant-atmosphere exchanges on a wide range of spatial scales, including that of the landscape in particular, which is heterogeneous in essence (from a few meters to several kilometers). These themes fall within the dual context of (i) climate change and extreme events (storms in particular), and (ii) agricultural practices and their agro-environmental consequences (on the dispersion of contaminants and pollutants, for example).

Team coordinator : Mark Irvine 

Account manager : Maylis Saint Hubert

Sylvain Dupont (DR)Mark Irvine (IR)Didier Garrigou (TR)Myrtille Grulois
Pauline Défossez (CR)Sébastien Lafont (IR)Cyriane Garrigou (TR) 
Eric Lamaud (CR)Caroline Bidot (IE)Maylis Saint Hubert (GU) 
 Christophe Chipeaux (IE)  
 Sylvia Dayau  (IE)  
 Jean-Marc Bonnefond (IE)  

Our main results are balanced around three themes
Turbulent flow and wind-plant interaction
Atmospheric dispersion of particles
Matter and energy exchanges between ecosystems and the atmosphere

Below are a few examples from our experimental sites:

 Experimental plot at Bilos

parcelle Bilos

Winching a Pinus pinaster


Root system


Data acquisition system

Centrale d'acquisition


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